Monday, January 27, 2014

Growing Myself - Week 2: The Seed of Creativity

Spiritual leader and writer T.D.Jakes once addressed one of Oprah's Life Classes by telling them that each and every one of them was pregnant ... they had something inside waiting to be born! I've always loved that analogy. Within each of us is the capacity to bring something forth into the world.

Last week we planted the red seed of  Self-Worth and Value in our inner garden. This week we are planting the orange seed of Creativity and New Birth.

Everyone, men as well as women, has something they want to "birth" into the world. It could be a profession, a trip, a home, a book, a painting, a garden. It could be finding a way to give clean, fresh drinking water to a third world village. It could be insuring that young girls have a chance at an education without fear of reprisal. It could be inventing an energy source that will save the planet from using up all of its fossil fuels. It could be as simple as learning to knit a sweater for that brand new grandchild or as huge as writing the Great American Novel. Whatever it is, we have the capacity to make it happen.

Step one is to plant the seed. Set the intention. Water and feed it regularly with positive affirmations, surround it with the warmth of friends and family that will cheer you on and support you, and be mindful of the clouds of uncertainty and doubt that will try and rob your seed of it's potential. And for heavens sake, don't ever, ever let your seed hear words like, "too old," or, "not smart enough," or, "don't know how." That's like watering a plant with oil ... it clogs up the pores so it can't breathe. Smile at your seed every day and tell it, "We Can Do This! And out of that seed will sprout the most beautiful and precious plant that has ever pushed through the soil and reached for the sun.

And so it is.