Monday, September 24, 2018

Happy Anniversary, Flower Bear!

Image result for free image of birthday cake with candles
It's hard to believe that this week we are celebrating 6 years since "Flower Bear's Garden-Growing A Life" was born. I have had so much fun doing this and, along the way, I have grown in so many ways. You are never too old to learn something new, especially about yourself, and that has certainly been the case for me.

I will be forever grateful to meditation teacher, best-selling author, and all-around coolest dude on Earth, Davidji, who advised me that I needed to stop ignoring my intuition and to take a baby step in the direction it was leading me. One week later, the very first Flower Bear blog was published and it has just been a continuing joy ride since.

I want to thank Mother Nature who has been my greatest teacher. Flower Bear's Garden could not have been born without the lessons I've learned from nature and spending time in the garden. Here I thought I was just playing in the dirt and growing things. Little did I know that I was growing myself and that there is nothing we need to know that nature cannot teach us. 

I also want to thank my mother who let me play among the roses and lilacs in our backyard (the rest was dirt and grass that just wouldn't grow). In fact, the face of Flower Bear's Garden, dear Flower Bear herself, came from the sweet bear that sat on my mom's dresser for years before her passing, and which came to me after. When I was looking for a face that said: wisdom and love, my mom's bear was the natural choice.

It seems so appropriate that the anniversary of Flower Bear's Garden should "fall" right after the first day of Autumn. It is a time for harvesting our blessings, learning from what blossomed and what didn't, and savoring the gifts from the earth. 

To all of my family, friends, and loyal fans, I send a heartfelt "thank you" from Flower Bear and myself. I am truly blessed. May all of your harvests in life reap your hearts' desires. 

And so it is.