Monday, May 18, 2015

In Defense Of Weeds

Hello, my name is Dandelion, and I am a weed ... at least that's what you call me. I am actually a plant just like other plants. I was put here on this earth to be of service and fulfill my purpose. Oh, you only think I'm a nuisance because I'm growing where you want to plant one of your frilly, pretty flowers. I happen to think that yellow is a beautiful color. After all, the sun is yellow, and where would your pretty pink flowers be without the sun, I ask you? Besides, I have so much more value than you realize. Your ancestors knew how to use every inch of me, from my roots, to my greens and my pretty yellow flowers as well. I am medicine for when you are sick, vitamins to help your body grow strong, and even wine to sooth you. My yellow color makes an awesome paint ... I can paint the sun! Can your frilly pink flowers do that, huh?

The reason I a writing to you today is because the way you humans treat us is the way you treat each other. If someone is perceived to be different, if they don't "fit in" with the rest of the crowd, you don't want them around. Very often they are given labels that are derogatory and hurtful. Just as often, however, they have gifts and talents you would be surprised to learn ... if you bothered to take the time to learn them instead of just writing them off as "those people." It is more than likely that where they come from, not only are they considered beautiful and talented, but they would consider you to be "those people." In many parts of the word, dandelions are grown ON PURPOSE (wrap your head around that one) as medicine. Do you humans even know why you're here, or what your purpose is? Maybe you should give that one some thought before you start labeling others as "weeds."

P.S. You're just jealous anyway because we can still grow in the millions despite all of your hard work to get rid of us!

P.P.S. This post was written after Flower Bear spent a very hot and buggy morning pulling weeds to prep the new garden ... and she apologized to every dandelion she pulled out. She's nice that way.

And so it is.