Monday, April 13, 2015

The Gift

I had an entirely different subject planned for this week's post. That is, until I opened up Facebook and saw a post from my oldest daughter. Last week she had asked everyone to join her in praying for a dear friend who was going through her second bout with cancer. The woman, who was in her 40's, was a loving mother, wife, teacher, and an endlessly giving member of her community. So it was with great sadness when I saw this morning's post announcing that she had passed over the weekend. My daughter is, of course, carrying a heavy heart as are my two grandsons who are friends with this woman's son.

It has long ceased to surprise me when synchronicity shows up in my life. Yesterday at church, before I even knew that my daughter's friend had passed, we were having a group discussion on the reading from The Daily Word, a publication of Unity Church (you can find this online at Daily . The reading for the day was on being grateful for a new day. We discussed how each of us started our day and how that determined how we lived that day. I shared the idea that I see each and every day as a gift, and that how I use the day is my way of showing gratitude for a gift of such unconditional love. Each and every day is filled with infinite possibilities, unlimited choices and unlimited opportunities to not only live happy and fulfilling lives, but to show our gratitude by using this gift in the service of others. I'm not saying everyone should go and dig wells in Africa or volunteer in a homeless shelter, although both are wonderful ideas. What I am saying is that we can say "thank you for this day" by not squandering this gift. Smile at a total stranger. Help someone carry heavy packages. Offer to pick up groceries for a shut-in, or call a friend in need of some cheering up. When you shine a light on someones day, your own life lights up as well.

We will never know when the day we are currently living will be our last. It will come when it will. I don't want to waste one day in sorrow, negativity or selfishness. I want each and every day to reflect the unconditional love that gave us this gift in the first place. When it is my time to transition, I want people to say, "her life was a gift to all of us." May we all be so rewarded.

And so it is.