Sunday, May 6, 2018

Falling Off The Turnip Truck

The older I get, the more I hear my mother coming out of my mouth. The first time it happened years ago when my girls were small, I was horrified: "Oh no, I'm turning into my mother!" Now when it happens, I just chuckle. It seems that at 68 I finally understand what all those folksy old sayings meant.

Here is an example. Recently I was able to pull off a technical challenge without having to call my Geek Squad, a.k.a. my granddaughter and her hubby. When my grandson praised me for my accomplishment, my reply was: "Well I didn't just fall off the turnip truck, you know," I got blank stares from my grandson. I tried to explain: "It means that I wasn't born yesterday." More blank stares. One more try: "It means I'm not stupid, I can still learn new things!" Finally, a glimmer of understanding. "We'll why didn't you say so?" Do you ever feel like you're speaking a foreign language in your own country?

As for the real turnip truck, it was actually a vegetable truck that drove through our neighborhood when I was growing up. The man's name was Manny and he had a farm out on Long Island before it all became housing developments after the GI Bill was enacted back in the 50's. He would sell fresh produce  from his farm right off the truck, no pesticides or funky stuff, just fresh veggies for the housewives of Queens, NY. My mom would let me go out to his truck with her so I could see what "real fruit and vegetables look like." I always got a juicy apple or peach from Manny as a treat. Fast forward 60 years and how have we evolved? We go to farmer's markets to get fresh, organic produce.

Looks like my mom really did know what she was talking about. I'm glad I listened.

And so it is.