Monday, March 16, 2015

Be Careful What You Wish For

I am a great believer in the idea that our thoughts create our reality. I have seen evidence of that in my own life over and over in the past few years since I started to pay closer attention to what kinds of thoughts were running through my mind and what kind of experiences were the result of those thoughts. If I had nothing but negative, worried, critical thoughts, I experienced more to be negative about, worry about and be critical of, especially of myself. When I focused my attention on thoughts of joy, peace, happiness and especially gratitude, those were the kinds of experiences I would have. I’m not saying that if I focused on a new car that one would turn up in the driveway, but every time I decided that I was going to accept the idea that each and every moment of every day was filled with infinite possibilities, and I had a choice as to which one I could choose, my life changed in amazing ways. However, I have found that it pays to be specific when making choices or, as my mother used to say, be careful what you wish for.
 Case in point: critters. Ever since I moved back to the country I have been wishing and wishing to see critters. Back in my old apartment I was blessed to have a parade of birds and squirrels right outside my window as they gathered around the feeders I put out. However, ever since I moved here I have seen few critters except for crows, geese and starlings … and the cows across the street. Of course it was Fall by the time I moved in and most birds that were going on to warmer climates had already left, while other critters were burrowing in for what has turned out to be a very long, very cold and very snowy winter. Still, as the first hints of spring showed up last week and I was actually able to go outside in sneakers to see grass and yard starting to show up again, I repeated my wish to be reunited with the critters in the neighborhood.
 On Wednesday morning around 5 A.M. I was awakened from a deep sleep by an very powerful, and very unmistakable, odor … skunk! Since I have a ground floor apartment, I am very close to “the land” one might say. I jumped out of bed and tried to identify the direction it was coming from, afraid it might have gotten into the garage or the basement. I cracked open doors and windows and eventually my apartment aired out. My cats, on the other hand, were traumatized as only those of us who have cats can appreciate. They looked at me as if to say, “What did you do?” When I related the incident to my friends, they replied, “well, you asked for critters.”
If we wish for more money, but all we do is focus on how we don’t have enough money, all we’re going to experience is lack. If we wish for a man in our lives, but all we do is focus on all the failed relationships we had in the past, guess what kinds of guys are going to show up in our life? What if, instead of focusing on lack, we started focusing on what we do have and on our strengths? What if we asked ourselves, out of all the infinite possibilities in the universe, what one thing could we do that would put us on the path to prosperity? What if, instead of looking for Mr. Right, we ask ourselves how we have to change to become the kind of Ms. Right that a Mr. Right would be looking for?
 So what’s your wish? As for me, I’m still wishing for critters … oops, make that bunnies, and squirrels, and birds and a really good home for my stinky neighbors that is way downwind!
And so it is.