Monday, July 29, 2019

Fair Season

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Our annual county fair just wrapped up this past weekend. Unfortunately, other commitments kept me from attending this year but the state fair is just around the corner and I'm sure it will make up for what I missed. Still, there is something about coming together as a community to share what you have accomplished and be rewarded for all of your hard work. A blue ribbon is just the outer sign of living your passion.

My favorite part of the fair has always been the display of produce, flowers, homemade goodies like jams, jellies, breads, and some good, old-fashioned root beer right out of the barrel! With apple season coming up shortly, there is nothing like a slice of freshly baked apple pie to win over my heart. To me, every woman who slaves in a hot kitchen at this time of year to produce this gem of a dessert deserves a blue ribbon!

Whenever I attend an event like this, I am always struck by the pride that you see on the faces of the folks who are sharing their life's work with the world. How many of us can say that we do the same thing? I know that we all have to take care of our families, keep a roof over our heads and food on the table, but we should never lose sight of making sure we find the time to do what we love, what brings us not only happiness but also a sense of pride in ourselves and out talents. Whether it's painting a picture, knitting a sweater, making bird houses or baking a pie, we all need something that we can point at and announce: "I did that!"

This week I was able to harvest my first handful of basil from the pot in front of my window. There is nothing like the taste of something you grew yourself. It may not be a huge harvest to others, but it is to me. Under less-than-perfect conditions, I grew something that I can eat. I did that, and I bow to those who do it on a much grander scale with love and pride in a job well done. 

And so it is.