Monday, March 19, 2018

Faith, Hope, and Mother Nature

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The good news this week is that today makes three days with no snow, plus sunshine and blue skies. The bad news is that it was 16 degrees when I woke up this morning ... an improvement from the 11 degrees it was yesterday morning ... and the high might reach 33 if we're lucky. Did I mention that Spring arrives in a couple of days?

Sometimes, when it seems as if spring will never get here, and I feel beaten down by the outside world, I find my hope in nature. If there is only one thing I can put my faith in when life seems to be at its lowest, it is that the sun will rise every morning, spring will eventually get here, as well as summer, fall and winter again, and the bare branches outside my window will be filled with buds in another few weeks (give or take a week). No matter what humankind can throw at us, these are the things that will sustain us, the things we can hold on to. The birds will return to sing us awake every morning, the sound of geese flying to and from the river will fill the air once again, daffodils and crocus will start to peek out from the slowly thawing earth, and the sun will get stronger with each passing day, warming our bodies and our hearts.

Whenever we need proof that there is at least one thing that works in this world, all we need to do is look outside of ourselves at the natural world around us. Have faith in the Creation, and the Creator, and hope that the buds will come sooner than later. Our faith is always rewarded with spring.

And so it is.