Monday, March 3, 2014

Growing Myself Week 7: The Seed of Enlightenment

How beautiful our inner garden looks! Our secret sanctuary is filled with the colors and smells of a garden in bloom. Look at what we have created:

  • We've discovered our self-worth and learned to value ourselves
  • We've discovered that inside each of us is the capacity to create something wonderful
  • We've gone through the cleansing fires of transformation and come out strengthened
  • We've discovered our voice and heard ourselves speak our truth out loud
  • We've learned that love begins with loving ourselves and watching the ripples spread
  • We've learned to trust our intuition and know that our inner wise self always has our back
Finally, we come to the center of the bouquet of an authentic life ... enlightenment. This seed is a brilliant violet-white and blooms as a lotus flower with hundreds of petals. Each petal is a present moment, a knowing that what we seek, we already are; that every moment is an opportunity to create, speak and live our individual truth instead of what our society or our family tells us our truth should be; that we are whole and perfect just as we are, and that there is nothing that we cannot be, do or have if we believe we can.

I want you to take a mental picture of this garden in all of its glory and keep it with you wherever you go. When you find yourself going through a difficult time, or are faced with an important decision regarding your life, take a moment and look at that picture. See which color stands out for you and focus on what that color is trying to tell you. Are you selling yourself short? Are you holding on to things or people that no longer are in your best interest? Are you not speaking your truth? Whatever it is, sit in your secret sanctuary with it until your intuition leads you where you are meant to go. In the mean time, enjoy this garden that you have created. Even when the storm rages outside, inside your garden blooms!

And so it is.