Monday, June 3, 2019

Just Say "Yes!"

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Saturday was very warm, almost 80 degrees, and sunny. Sunday was dark, chilly, and rainy. This morning I woke up to 45 degrees and gusty winds. When I looked up at the wall calendar hanging next to my desk, I realized that I hadn't turned the page to June, not that it mattered much. A calendar no longer gives me an accurate account of what month it is let alone what season it is. The fact that we can have all four of them in the space of a weekend at any given time should be as valid an argument for climate change as the overabundance of catastrophic storms we've had over the past few years. So I've just decided that the only way to get through this without losing my mind is to just say "yes."

It takes twice as much work and stress to fight against what is, than it does to just accept what is and find a way to make it work for you. I can rant and rave all I want about the weather, but no amount of my ranting and raving is going to change it. So I have to ask myself: How can I adapt to this to make it work for me? So I make sure I always have a small, fold-up umbrella in my tote bag or close at hand. I don't put away all my winter clothes but, rather, keep a few sweats and long sleeve shirts handy as well. I check my newly planted seeds in their pots every day and turn the lights on and off as needed depending on whether Mother Nature has decided to grace us with sun that day. I make sure I have change for the bus handy in my purse just in case it's sunny when I go inside the store and pouring when I come out (where I live riding the bus is cheaper than owning a car). 

It seems to me that my animal relations have survived whatever Mother Nature throws at them because they know how to adapt. It's only we humans, the newest members of the earth if you think about it, that have it have it their way all the time. They don't wake up in the morning, see a rainy, gloomy day, and hit the snooze button. They wake up and go about their business. They say "yes" and keep on trucking. This morning when I woke to this frigid, windy day, the birds were still singing the day awake. Sure, they were hanging on to the branches a little more tightly than usual, but they were still singing their hearts out. I could swear one of them was saying yes!

And so it is.