Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanks For The Ripples

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Since everyone in the U.S. is focused on Thanksgiving this week, I'd like to add my thoughts on what I am grateful for. In particular, I want to express my gratitude for all those people who created a ripple, whether they realized it or not,  that reached out and  affected my life in ways I could never have imagined:

To my 6th grade teacher who gave me hundreds of punishment essays to write because I couldn't keep my mouth shut only to discover the writer that I could be but couldn't hear until I was able to sit still and listen.

To Professor McGonigal, a.k.a. Abba, who came into my life for only one day but who planted seeds that have lasted over 30 years when she told me: "You are seeking answers but you haven't asked the right questions yet. Go out into the world and DO something."

To both of my ex-husbands (saving this for another post) who taught me that I was strong enough to stand on my own two feet and that if I was looking for someone to ride in on a white horse to save me, I only had to look in the mirror to find her.

To my children who taught me how to be a parent, and to my grandchildren who helped me get even better at it.

To all of my beautiful animal companions, those still here and those who have moved on, who taught me the true meaning of loyalty, compassion and unconditional love.

.. and to the little girl inside me, the one who is  perpetually 5 years old, who never lets me stop looking for the magic and helps me to see it when it's there.

Most of all, to all my beautiful Vibrant Nation sisters whose ripples touch me each and ever day. Keep 'em coming. Happy Thanksgiving.

And so it is.