Sunday, September 4, 2016

Second Plantings

Image result for free images of a head of growing lettuce

At this point in the gardening year many people opt to do what is known as a second planting. This is the planting of a second batch of cool weather crops that do well as the mornings and evenings begin to turn chilly and can even withstand a light frost. Some of those plants that do well are lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, and many others. It is nice to know that even after everything else is harvested and the garden is beginning to look lost, there is still the possibility of enjoying fresh veggies and salads well into autumn. Some folks don’t realize that they can do this once the rest of the garden is harvested and ready to put to bed for the season. What a treat when we get a second chance at something we enjoy.

Sometimes we don’t realize that we can have a second chance to enjoy those things we believed we had to give up in order to grow up, or that we never pursued because it wasn’t high enough on our priority list. We used to love to dabble in art, but gave it up to get a “real job.” We enjoyed singing in the choral group at school, but gave up the idea of singing to raise a family. We watched in envy as our daughters took dance lessons, feeling the music speak to our feet and our souls.

 But here is the good news, Baby Boomers: the job is over, the kids are out of the nest, and the music is still playing if you just take the time to listen. Now is the time to plant some new seeds. You’re not in the dead of winter yet! Picking up some inexpensive art supplies is planting a new seed. Checking with your local library or community college to see if they offer beginner art classes is like planting another seed. Maybe there is a local church or choral group that could use another voice. No harm in planting that seed. And while you’re looking for art classes, look for a beginner dance class as well. Scatter those seeds anywhere and everywhere!

Just remember that it is never too late to plant a new seed of desire. As any gardener will tell you, some will take root and bloom, and some won’t. However, you’ll never know if you don’t try. You just never know what might come up!

 And so it is.

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