Monday, March 11, 2019

Deep Roots From The Past

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Last week on my website "Writing A Life," I shared what happened when I took a quiz sent to me by the wonderful folks at Hay House Publishing to see if I had any connection to a past life in a mystical land. The results were that I may have had a past life on the beautiful hidden island of Avalon. I'll just share again with you what the quiz uncovered:

"Avalon is perhaps the most recent lost land, thought to have existed in the countries of the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe. It’s said that Avalon is the place where King Arthur was taken after he was deeply wounded in battle. Some believe it was a physical place, others believe it to be a mystical place of healing and others believe that it still exists in the “otherworld” today.

It is believed that Avalon was a Mother God civilization where all were in service to the great mother. If you’ve had a past life in Avalon, it’s likely that you’re very in tune with nature and, like the those from Avalon, enjoy worshipping the Earth and her seasons. You’re practical, empathic and intuitive, and you love being part of a community."

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this outcome. It certainly fit me like a glove. I am also very in tune with nature, enjoy all of the gifts of Mother Earth and the beauty in each changing season. So far, so good. 

A few days later I received another email inviting me to participate in an audio meditation to take a trip via past life regression back to Avalon to gain some insight on who I may have been way back when. So I turned off my phone, settled in, and set sail across the magical waters with the Lady of the Lake to the mystical island of Avalon. Some of what I discovered didn't surprise me in the least. 

It turns out that I was a gardener on Avalon! Not just any gardener, mind you, but a mistress of herbs in the Goddess's own magical garden. I had a sweet little hut right there surrounded by all of the plants and flowers. The woman I saw was middle aged and although she had no children of her own, she loved and shared her wisdom of herbs and gardening with all the children on the island. Her job was to grow and distribute all of the herbs that were used by the priestesses and herbalists to heal the sick, ward off evil, and flavor the foods. She had a loving relationship with all of the animals who lived within the garden walls and spent her days joyfully working with her hands in the dirt and her heart in the earth. 

My readers here at Flower Bear's Garden will understand why I decided to complete the story of my connection to Avalon on this blog instead of my website. How appropriate that on a site that speaks every week to our connection to nature and what it can teach us, that my little trip into the past should reveal that gardening has been in my blood in previous lifetimes. Even if you don't believe in any of this, if it proves anything at all, it is that our deepest, truest self, our soul, knows what we love and what we need. I need to be connected to Mother Earth and all she can teach me ... with a little help from my animal relations. The fact that the story ended with my trip to a magic well to ask for my deepest desire which turned out to be: "I want to feel whole again" speaks to any of us who feel separated from what we love and need. 

Maybe it's time we all took a mystical trip into the deepest parts of our souls to find out who we are when we are totally connected to all that we love and need. Some of it may surprise you, some may not, but even if you don't believe in such things, time spent nurturing our souls is never wasted time. Who knows where you may end up?

And so it is.
P.S. If you want to check out the first installment of this journey, log on to my website: to see where it all started.