Monday, February 3, 2014

Growing Myself Week Three: The Seed of Transformation

For the last two weeks we've been looking at cultivating our inner gardens by planting seeds that grow into powerful reminders of who we really are. The first week we planted the red seed of Value and Security, growing our ideas of self-worth. Last week we planted the orange seed of Creativity, birthing a new idea and a new dream.  This week we are planting the yellow seed of Transformation.

In certain areas, farmers occasionally do an agricultural burn to prepare the land for the next year's crops. An agricultural burn rids the soil of unwanted insects and parasites while adding important nutrients and eliminating residue from fertilizers. It results in healthier, hardier crops.

When we plant the seed of Transformation in our inner garden, it energizes our spirit and gives us the energy and the strength to rid ourselves of what no longer serves us - burning away the parasites and residue from our past experiences - and fires us up to create a new and happier life. Like the fires that burned in the old locomotives, it produces the energy to move us forward towards the life we want, the dreams we want to fulfill and the contribution we want to make to the world. But it is important to remember that without burning away the past hurts, the negative self-talk, and that old tape full of doubts that keeps playing like a loop in our minds, there will be no room in our garden for the new, the wonderful, the miraculous. So plant that seed, light that fire, and warm yourself in the flames of Transformation.

Our secret sanctuary is becoming more beautiful with every seed we plant: the reds, the oranges, the yellows - self-worth, creativity and lasting transformation. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what we're planting next week!

And so it is.

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