Monday, September 15, 2014

Some Dreams Just Take A Little Longer

I began this series on clutter clearing with two thoughts in mind. One was that I wanted to let go of those things that no longer served me and that were keeping me from moving forward. I intended this on both a material and a spiritual level. The other was that all of my favorite teachers advised when you clear your home of unwanted things and clutter, you make room for new and wonderful things in your life. My intention here was to manifest a new home. Ah, but here is the most important point: I wasn't just trying to manifest a new home anywhere. My intention was to manifest a home in a very special, very particular place.

Those of you who have followed by blogs from the beginning know that a little more than 20 years ago I packed up my old '76 Chevy with only necessities and my favorite things and headed out to a new life in a little village in upstate New York. I took up gardening for the first time and learned to grow myself along with the flowers, herbs and vegetables. For seven very happy years I lived in the kind of peace and sense of community that small towns are famous for. Alas, the economy knew nothing about peace, community or gardening. It only knew that the jobs in my area were few and far between, and businesses were either closing or laying off in large numbers. I had to go out farther and farther to find work, and when you live in what is referred to as "the Syracuse Show Belt," driving 54 miles round trip in the winter for work can make for a long and stressful week. So I reluctantly and tearfully left my happy home behind and moved closer to my job. However, I never, never gave up hope that I would go home some day to stay. To cement that intention in place, I made some prayer ties in the Native American tradition and buried them along the river bank under a tree that my granddaughter used to call Grandma Willow after the the grandmother tree in the Disney version of Pocahontas. The prayer ties all said that I would some day come home to stay. Then I filled two small jars with river water and stones that I have kept on my mini alter at home for the last 15 years.

A few weeks after I began my clutter clearing, I found some photos from back home and put them in small frames that I sat on my desk so that I would see them every morning. Two weeks ago I received a phone call from the lovely folks who were my landlords when I lived in my little piece of heaven. They had also left the area for a few years as one of them had been transferred for work to Buffalo. He had retired and they returned home where they purchased a new house. When I saw them in April at the Annual Maple Festival, they asked me when I was coming home. I told them, "you find me the perfect place, and I'll retire and start packing." Two weeks ago they called. Their tenet was moving out to take care of her aged father ... the place was mine if I wanted it. I hung up the phone and cried, great big tears of joy. I am finally going home. In three weeks I will be looking out of my window at valleys filled with Mother Nature's patchwork quilt of fields and trees, barns and silos, and the blessed silence that is only interrupted by passing geese and visiting birds. Home.

Some dreams just take a little longer to come true. Maybe they might have come true sooner if I had trusted my intuition and hadn't let fear and uncertainty cloud my judgement. Or, maybe I just wasn't ready until now. No matter. I learned that when I keep my eyes on my goal, set my intention and trust that Creator has bigger and better plans for me than any I could conceive of myself, dreams really do come true. So what can you dream up? Think big. You deserve it!

And so it is.

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