Monday, February 6, 2017

Weaving The Threads Of Intention: Binding It All Together

For the last five weeks, we've been looking at the five "sutras," or, "threads" that we can use to weave our intentions into reality. They are: patience, acceptance, defenselessness, compassion and abundance." However, without a solid thread woven around the outside to bind it all together, our intentions could very easily begin to unravel. So this week we tie it all together with the final thread: Love.

The Beatles told us repeatedly in song: "All You Need Is Love." Is that really true? Let's look at that idea as it applies to each of the five threads:

Patience: When we bring love to a person or situation, we have the patience to work towards a solution or common goal. The same is true of how we treat ourselves. When we love ourselves, we are more patient with ourselves when we falter, make difficult decisions or try something new, like learning a sport or craft.

Acceptance: When we love someone, we accept them just as they are. We don't sit there and find fault with them. Again, the same is true of loving ourselves. When we learn self love, we automatically have self-acceptance.

Defenselessness: Love does not need to be defended. Love needs no defense. When we choose love over fear, or hatred, we need not explain our reasoning or try to convince others of our choice. Our love is our strength.

Compassion: Where there is love, there is also compassion. We feel for the loved one with every fiber of our being. Be it a partner, a parent, a child, an animal, or the world at large, love and compassion go hand in hand.

Abundance: There is no limit on love. It is everywhere for the asking, everywhere for the taking. There is never a shortage, and the more we give out, the more we receive. Often, when it seems as if the world has lost it's collective mind and is filled with hatred and distrust, currents of love will flow through from every corner of the universe and drown out the hatred. Love is always available.

So now we have woven our beautiful intentions and bound our threads together with love. We can wear our creation proudly, carry it with us wherever we go, and let the magic in those threads weave us a beautiful and fulfilled life.

And so it is.


  1. I love this Barb, amazing this week's focus card is Patience, and today i drew Compassion :)

  2. Love this- This week's Heart Whisper Focus card is Patience and today I drew compassion xx